Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Elope in St Louis to St Louis Wedding Chapel

Elope in St Louis to St Louis Wedding Chapel.  

St Louis' Premier small wedding ceremony venue. The perfect place to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony in St Louis, Missouri 

Quick and Simple - or - Small and Intimate...   We have to perfect wedding venue for you.

"Beautiful, tasteful and affordable wedding ceremonies, are our specialty"

When Eloping in St Louis, Do it in Style at St Louis Wedding Chapel
Check us out....  READ our reviews and see why most couples choose... 
St Louis Wedding Chapel when they want to elope.
Eloping Made Simple Beautiful and Affordable

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Elope anywhere in St Louis - You Choose

No Matter where you choose to Elope in St Louis -  We can Help.... 
Rev Sark Sark Elking is the most sought after wedding minister in St Louis
 He has performed 1000's of wedding ceremonies all over the greater St Louis Area,
Illinois and more.....  

Experience Counts...  And there are lots of great venues to explore....

Want to Elope in St Louis' to Busch Stadium?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to our very own Botanical Gardens?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to the top of the Gateway Arch?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to a beautiful scenic river view?
Want to Elope in St Louis' for a rooftop wedding ceremony?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to the Lodge at Grant's Trail?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to a favorite Hotel or Restaurant?

There Are Many Reasons to Elope

Eloping can be fun...  Make your day about the two of you, not about the third party guest lists, not about the most convenient location, and not about a something-for-everyone buffet. It may sound romantic to proclaim your love in front of hundreds of people but how meaningful is it when these people are made up of your mother in law's friends, your partner's boss, your cousin's date, or the wedding planner? 

Your wedding can be personalized and original. Or at the very least, not catered to everyone else besides yourselves. Imagine your own backyard or dream destination as the setting; neither of those are too likely with a full set of RSVPs. Speaking of guests, imagine just the two of you committing your lives to each other in the sanctity of each other's company or in front of the few people who mean the most to you. An elopement doesn't have to be totally exclusive; it's just that you actually own the guest list. 

There are as many ways to personalize your wedding day as there are ways to get married. Ponder getting married in a beautifully decorated wedding chapel with just a few close friends or at the top of the Gateway Arch, on a River Boat, at Busch Stadium, in a Garden or even at a surprise party in your own home. 

So stop the thought of hiring the meat carver when you're both vegetarians. Getting married is surely one of the best days in your life. Make it the day you want and not the day that your mother in law, parents, bridesmaids, buffet zombie guests, and last but not least, the wedding industry insist upon. At St Louis Wedding Chapel you can have as few as the 2 of you and your 2 witnesses.

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