Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Wedding Elopements

Spring Wedding Elopements

Planning a Spring Wedding Elopement here in St Louis?  Well Spring is just around the corner and so is the biggest season for weddings.  Many of the venues are booking up quickly for larger weddings.  So why not plan an elopement wedding in the spring?  
Wait did I just say plan and elopement wedding in St Louis?  Sure, planning an elopement with just a little forethought can be a dream come true.

Some people just run off to the courthouse to get married.  Other find a minister from there church to do a quick and simple elopement wedding ceremony.  What if you want something more?  Can you have more if you don't have a big wedding ceremony?  Can You have a Beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.  What if you want to elope in St Louis and don't want to go to the courthouse or don't know a minister?  What if you want a fairytale wedding with just a handful of people?

With just a little planning you can have it all.

Eloping, Can be Quick, Simple, Stress Free and a lot of fun.   And did I say less costly?  Elope to St Louis Today,  and see just how easy and affordable it can be.   St Louis Wedding Chapel is a quick and simple solution to a small beautiful wedding that doesn't break the bank.  They perform beautiful wedding ceremonies 7 days a week, although you must schedule an appointment.  Sometimes they can set up a wedding the same day.

Want to have a wedding ceremony in a Park, Hotel, Garden, Restaurant, Rooftop, Busch Stadium, your Home or somewhere meaning to the two of you?   Again St Louis Wedding Chapel can help you to plan such an event.  Their Ministers / Wedding Officiants travel to places and venues all over the greater St Louis Area and parts of Illinois.

Want a Busch Stadium wedding ceremony?  Now Busch Stadium is offering elopement packages inside Busch Stadium.  Now you can have you wedding ceremony in the home of the St Louis Cardinals.  And capture those memories in photos, to preserve your special day.  Packages start under $1000.00

Friday, July 6, 2012

Getting Married in St Louis

Looking to get married?  Not sure what to do!  Getting married in Missouri is easy.  You can apply and receive a marriage license the same day.  And you can also get married the same day in missouri.  Always with a little forethought, sometimes even on a romantic whim.  

There are only certain days you can get married in a Missouri Courthouse and it usually requires standing in long lines and with who ever else may be there.  Sound boring and not very romantic?   

The next and often best way, is to find a minister / "Wedding Officiant" to officiate your wedding somewhere else, somewhere exciting, spontaneous, and very romantic.  Maybe even somewhere intimate and special like the place where you first met.  Or to run off to a beautiful small wedding chapel like the St Louis Wedding Chapel in south St Louis County.  Having a small intimate wedding in a wedding chapel can be every bit as beautiful and exciting as a big wedding.  And with some great pictures, your memories can be preserved for many years to come.  With great memories and great pictures, when you look back down the road no one will know if you sent a few dollars or thousands.  

Call St Louis wedding Chapel today to book your wedding ceremony, many times even same day.  Or call us to have our officiant come to you.  We perform weddings all over the greater St Louis Area including parts of IL as well.  Big or Small we can provide the wedding ceremony and service you deserve......  Rev Sark Elking  314-472-5017

But what ever you decide..........      We are are just a phone call away.       Call........ 314 472-5017