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Elope in St Louis to St Louis Wedding Chapel

Elope in St Louis to St Louis Wedding Chapel.  

St Louis' Premier small wedding ceremony venue. The perfect place to have a small and intimate wedding ceremony in St Louis, Missouri 

Quick and Simple - or - Small and Intimate...   We have to perfect wedding venue for you.

"Beautiful, tasteful and affordable wedding ceremonies, are our specialty"

When Eloping in St Louis, Do it in Style at St Louis Wedding Chapel
Check us out....  READ our reviews and see why most couples choose... 
St Louis Wedding Chapel when they want to elope.
Eloping Made Simple Beautiful and Affordable

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Elope anywhere in St Louis - You Choose

No Matter where you choose to Elope in St Louis -  We can Help.... 
Rev Sark Sark Elking is the most sought after wedding minister in St Louis
 He has performed 1000's of wedding ceremonies all over the greater St Louis Area,
Illinois and more.....  

Experience Counts...  And there are lots of great venues to explore....

Want to Elope in St Louis' to Busch Stadium?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to our very own Botanical Gardens?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to the top of the Gateway Arch?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to a beautiful scenic river view?
Want to Elope in St Louis' for a rooftop wedding ceremony?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to the Lodge at Grant's Trail?
Want to Elope in St Louis' to a favorite Hotel or Restaurant?

There Are Many Reasons to Elope

Eloping can be fun...  Make your day about the two of you, not about the third party guest lists, not about the most convenient location, and not about a something-for-everyone buffet. It may sound romantic to proclaim your love in front of hundreds of people but how meaningful is it when these people are made up of your mother in law's friends, your partner's boss, your cousin's date, or the wedding planner? 

Your wedding can be personalized and original. Or at the very least, not catered to everyone else besides yourselves. Imagine your own backyard or dream destination as the setting; neither of those are too likely with a full set of RSVPs. Speaking of guests, imagine just the two of you committing your lives to each other in the sanctity of each other's company or in front of the few people who mean the most to you. An elopement doesn't have to be totally exclusive; it's just that you actually own the guest list. 

There are as many ways to personalize your wedding day as there are ways to get married. Ponder getting married in a beautifully decorated wedding chapel with just a few close friends or at the top of the Gateway Arch, on a River Boat, at Busch Stadium, in a Garden or even at a surprise party in your own home. 

So stop the thought of hiring the meat carver when you're both vegetarians. Getting married is surely one of the best days in your life. Make it the day you want and not the day that your mother in law, parents, bridesmaids, buffet zombie guests, and last but not least, the wedding industry insist upon. At St Louis Wedding Chapel you can have as few as the 2 of you and your 2 witnesses.

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Elope in St Louis to Busch Stadium

ELOPE in St Louis to Busch Stadium 

Home of the St Louis Cardinals

Getting Married?

Thinking of Eloping?

Elope with Style - Cardinal Style
People elope for many reasons, stress and frustration that come along with wedding planning, others have different reasons, such as concerns about money and family drama.

Some choose to elope simply because they feel weddings have lost the art of being about love. Not all, but many weddings turn into a status symbol for both attendees and participants.  But many chose to elope simply because they want to focus on themselves.  Their love for each other and what is important to them, not someone else...     Many choose to elope in style with their favorite pastime or the place where some of their best memories were made.  
  For a carnival fan than can be no better way to celebrate your day with someone you love.  Than at the Home of your Favorite Sports Team the St Louis Cardinals Busch Stadium Home of Cardinal Nation.  

Now Has Elopement Packages starting under $1000.00
That's right get married in Busch Stadium
Have the wedding ceremony you will always remember...

Telephone: 314-345-9630

Or call Rev Sark Elking at 314-472-5017 

Keep making those memories with one of
americas favorite pastimes.  baseball, hotdogs
peanuts, popcorn, cotton candy and cold Busch beer....

Elope to Busch Stadium

Elope in St Louis To Busch Stadium - Elopement Packages and More call today..........

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Wedding Officiant Reviews

For a wedding officiant for a Small or Large Wedding Ceremony or an Elopement in the greater St Louis Area and parts of Il. call...  314-472-5017  St Louis Wedding Officiants

5.0 Review Rated Wedding Officiants

St Louis Wedding Chapel Officiant - Very easy to work with, extremely flexible, easy to find location. Sark, (the officiant) was very professional and very friendly and warm. We were at ease immediately. Even though we just did an easy, fun, quick wedding at their chapel location with our grown daughters as witnesses, I could tell Sark would be easily as entertaining and professional in a large venue with a huge guest list.

Amazing Reviewed   On 7/09/2015 Tiffany T
We had a destination wedding but needed to legally get married back home first. Our pastor we originally had booked was diagnosed with cancer one month prior to our ceremony, so we had to find someone quick. This pastor was amazing, very responsive, and personable. Our guests loved him. He made the ceremony exactly what we wanted. So glad we found him.w e are truly grateful! We were married on 6/13/2015 at Carondelet Park.

OUTSTANDING!!!    Reviewed On 6/07/2015 Christine J
I could not have asked for a better officiant. Rev. Sark made the day serious and fun without going overboard with either. He was great at not missing a beat if something was not ready. There were a couple of things missed in the ceremony but he just smoothed right over everything. We truly enjoyed working with him. Rev. Sark was the perfect addition to our awesome day.

Worth every penny!! Reviewed On 12/27/2014 Heather D
Our officiant was Reverend Sark Elking and he did an amazing job!! I can't believe how inexpensive it was!! We met with him once to go over everything and neither of us are very decisive, but he helped us every step of the way. He had a lot of really good ideas. You can tell he has a lot of experience. He helped keep everyone in line at the rehearsal. We were all nervous, but he assured us he would walk us through everything the day of the wedding and everything went perfect!!

Beautiful Ceremony Reviewed On 6/10/2014 Kelly F
Reverend Elking was absolutely amazing! My husband and I are not religious, but we have members in our family that are. Reverend Elking did an absolutely beautiful job at blending the religious with non religious. He walked our family through what was going to be done, and it went off without a hitch (we didn't have a wedding party, so we didn't have a rehearsal). If you don't have an officiant for your wedding, I definitely recommend Reverend Elking!!!

Sark Elking at the City Museum   Reviewed On 11/12/2013    Chris B
My wife and I chose to use Reverend Elking from St. Louis Wedding Chapel as our officiant. He was able to walk us through all parts of the ceremony and even made recommendations for various things that we were unsure of. Reverend Elking was sick the day of our rehearsal (as was my best man), but still delivered an amazing ceremony the next night. I was pleased with our selection of the St. Louis Wedding Chapel's officiant.

Reviewed On 11/08/2015 Nicole E
We used Sark as our officiant and he was beyond wonderful!!! He is ridiculously friendly and is really passionate when he is performing the ceremony. My husband and I used him for ceremony at the Jewel Box and everyone loved him. I definitely recommend him to anyone and everyone looking to have an officiant. He helped in making our day special. Thank you!

Reviewed On 10/16/2015 Tom R
Great to work with. We couldn't have done it with you. We appreciate you taking your time with us and our ceremony was beautiful!

Reviewed On 7/16/2015 Ellen D
Sark created the perfect ceremony for our wedding day! From our first meeting Sark combined our very different backgrounds in a beautiful ceremony for not only us but for our family and friends too. We received a lot of compliments and couldn't of asked for a more perfect ceremony.

Rev. Sark was perfect! We couldn't have been happier with our ceremony and everything leading up to it. He was actually the first and only officiant we interviewed - we loved him right away! He was always available for a phone call or to meet in person to discuss anything we wanted for our ceremony. He knew exactly what we wanted and even gave us some great ideas that we had not thought of but worked perfectly! His personality is so warm and friendly, and just makes you want to smile and give him a hug! I loved that he made the ceremony touching and meaningful, but still added a bit of humor to lighten the tears! Both of our families told us that he was just wonderful. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Sark was extremely professional yet he brought a laid back feeling to our wedding ceremony, and I mean this in a sincere manner. His demeanor is warm and engaging and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking the aid of an Officiant.

We could not of dreamed of a better wedding. Everything Reverend Elking said was beautiful and perfect for us. He helped us every step of the way and he was always available if we needed him months before the wedding. We highly recommend him.

Rev. Sark Elking turned out to be the best choice we could have made for our wedding officiant. We were just doing a small/casual ceremony at our home with just family in the back yard and Rev. Elking made our ceremony short and beautiful, just as we'd asked. During our two meetings with him, he listened to our thoughts on what we wanted for our ceremony and everything turned out perfectly the day of the wedding. And Rev Sark handles everything to send the marriage license back to St Louis County, so we didn't have to worry about anything on our special day. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

Reverend Elking was amazing! He came to our home for our intimate wedding. He made us feel at ease and was such a pleasure to work with. He has a joy for life and an upbeat and positive outlook. He brought that energy to our special day. Thank you for making the 1st of August special for us, Reverend! You are a kind and gifted minister!
We highly recommend Reverend Elking to anyone considering tying the knot. He is the BEST!
                                                                   Cynthia & Randall Barker

Rev Sark Elking was wonderful. We could not have asked for better. I met with him on Tues and he was at our home on Thurs to perfrom our wedding. What a neat man. He made all of us feel at ease. Kind, personable, spiritual, flexible, gregarious man. You cannot go wrong asking him to perform your special day. I feel as though he is our friend. How neat is that?!!

So many of our guests commented that it was the best ceremony they had ever been too- it was so "us", very personal, they laughed and cried and that our officiant was the best they had ever seen.

Mr. Elking was phenomenal!! He was always pleasant and helpful when we had questions. We both were very nervous the day of our wedding and Mr. Elking made our cermony relaxing and easy for us. I would totally recommend him to all my family and friends in the future. If I would of known it was that easy I would have never stressed myself for so long.

We absolutely love Rev Sark! We knew from our first sit down he was our officiant. He surpassed our expectations. He was professional, funny, kind hearted, etc. He was very interactive-he listened to our wants, had awesome suggestions, & ideas. I cannot tell you how many compliments we received about our ceremony. Choosing Rev Elking will be the easiest, & best decision regarding the whole wedding process. Believe that!

Rev Elking was amazing and made our wedding ceremony perfect! He was so helpful with coordinating the details of our ceremony and was a huge help with writing my vows. His warm and jovial personality made us feel like he was an old friend rather than an acquaintance.
Most importantly, we could tell that Rev Elking spoke from his heart as he performed our ceremony. His emotion was genuine, his words were beautiful, and that is one of the special memories I will cherish from my wedding. And of course, all of our guests commented on how they loved our ceremony. ? Thank you Rev Elking!

Rev Sark Elking made my wedding day a very special day with his romantic words. Rev Sark Elking is great at what he does. I would recommend him if you need an officicant for your wedding.

From the moment we had our initial consultation with Rev. Sark Elking, we were sold! He was gracious, funny, and instantly made you feel comfortable. Neither my wife nor I had an affiliation with a specific church or denomination so finding an officiant that was sensitive to our religious needs was challenging. However, Rev. Sark was the perfect fit for our personalities and religious beliefs.
We received many compliments from our guests after the ceremony on what a fantastic job he did. We would highly recommend him!! Thanks again Rev. Sark, you were awesome!

Rev. Sark Elking was a great choice to be our officiant. He was always able to be reached and was very professional. He was willing to make the ceremony however we wanted but also had great ideas for when we had no idea what to do. He led a beautiful ceremony for any denomination and we were lucky to find him.

We highly recommend Sark Elking as an excellent wedding officiant. We are a "mature" couple that wanted a nice but low-key wedding ceremony, and Sark understood this perfectly. He was flexible in meeting with us on our schedule, and offered great ideas for the ceremony. We were married at Mineos Restaurant at Westport and he showed up early and walked us through all the details. Best of all, his ceremony was perfect, with a mixture of humor and sincerity. We had a wonderful wedding, thanks in no small part to Sark Elking!

I had a rather unusual problem....finding a minister to conduct a wedding ceremony for friends from England, who wanted to get married at the top of the Arch. After surfing the Web a bit, I found a site for Rev. Elking at St. Louis Wedding Chapel. I called him to explain the situation and he was very helpful right from the start. This man is amazing!!
Through emails and phone calls, my friends and I provided all the necessary info he needed. Can you imagine creating a lovely ceremony for 2 people you met with briefly the day before the wedding?? All I can say is that his words at the ceremony brought tears to eveyone's eyes. The wedding couple, Mark & Sue, remarked many times that Rev. Elking perfectly captured exactly what they wanted in a loving and memorable ceremony.
I highly recommend Rev. Elking and St. Louis Wedding Chapel....If he is your final choice as an officiant, you won't be sorry.
Shirley L.

So glad my first call for an officiate turned out to be the best option. Can't thank you enough for such a great time and memories!

Our ceremony was beautiful and I have to give all the credit to Sark Elking. He did an amazing job and truly made my wedding day, a day I will never forget! He is a great guy! He listens to whatever you want and will make sure every little detail happens so that the wedding day you have always dreamed of will become a reality. I highly recommend Sark Elking with St. Louis Wedding Chapel!!

Words cannot express my experience with St Louis Wedding Chapel. I was a little nervous choosing someplace out of state, I am from Arkansas, to get married. Sark at St Louis Wedding Chapel was amazing. My calls were always returned in a timely manner. I was able to get the day I wanted. The words he chose for our ceremony were PERFECT!! It was like they were written especially for me and my husband. Very professional. I would recommend this chapel to anyone! I am so confident about this chapel that I will offer my email address to anyone that has any questions.. Please feel free to contact me.. my email address is:::: lncl1967@yahoo.com.

I could not have asked for someone better to marry Andrew and I! Sark is an amazing guy, and he can make your vows so beautiful! So happy we chose Sark Elking to marry us, and we will recommend him to everyone we know getting married!! THANKS SARK!!! :)

Sark Elking was AMAZING! Went over everything carefully with us and made sure we had a good time! Would highly recommend!

We hired Sark Elking as our officiant for our wedding ceremony at the Jewel Box in St. Louis. Sark was a great help in guiding me on how to write our ceremony. He made great suggestions and offered experienced advice. We also hired his wife, Teri, to coordinate the ceremony. She was amazing! They guided us through the decisions we had to make and were very professional. They took time out of their busy schedules to attend our rehearsal dinner and make sure everything was just right. These two know how to run a show and you can tell they love what they do!! I highly recommend them! :)

We were really happy with our choice of Sark as our officiant. He did a great job!

From first contact throughout the entire process Reverend Elking was extremely professional. We really weren't sure what we wanted the ceremony to include and he provided guidance and helpful suggestions that made our ceremony perfect. We wanted to get married in a non-denominational ceremony, on the deck of the (empty) house we purchased the day before the wedding (in the middle of the move) and Reverend Elking arrived (with his wife who even took pictures) got started and was super accommodating amidst the confusion. Would recommend him wholeheartedly to ANYONE!! Thanks again, Reverend Elking!!

My husband and I highly recommend The Wedding Chapel! Sark Elking is a wonderful person and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect wedding day! Sark (officiant) and his wife Teri (our wedding planner) gave us exceptional and outstanding service from the time we started planning, to the day of our wedding. They are very professional and have so many great ideas, and so much experience which made us feel they were perfect for what we wanted! Anyone who chooses The Wedding Chapel will be very pleased with what they can offer for you! They are so wonderful and made our dreams come true!

I don't know why this is coming up 4.9 for the overall rating, as it should be a PERFECT 5. We would rate Reverend Sark even higher, if we could. My husband and I both love him! He was extremely flexible and accommodating. When we needed it, he provided spot-on advice. He is a great speaker, and more importantly, his message was loving and inspirational. We had a small, private ceremony and afterwards my husband commented that it was almost a shame that there weren't more there to share such a beautiful ceremony. He would easily be an appropriate officiant for two or two thousand guests. If he gave a weekly service, you would find us in his church every Sunday. We recommend him without hesitation.

St. Louis Wedding Chapel was very courteous, friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure to have them preform our ceremony.

Hi Sark!       Words cannot express how thankful we are to have picked you as our wedding officiant!  We received so many compliments on our ceremony because of you!!    Everyone was very impressed, including Alex and I on how calm and relaxed you made everyone!   And for that, I can't thank you enough!!  
Thanks again,  Jamie and Alex

Sark,  Thank You So Much for the most amazing wedding ceremony, It was the most wonderful day of our lives. And we couldn’t be more pleased!  We received so many compliments on our ceremony and the beautiful words you spoke!  Everything was just so intimate and absolutely perfect!  We can’t thank you enough
                                                                                      Thank you Vincent & Catie

Sark,     We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding so wonderful!  We appreciate you going out of your way to make us feel comfortable with the ceremony.  The ceremony was wonderful and both of our families thought you did a beautiful job.  Thank you for standing in the rain, dealing with our nerves & tears and for being just amazing!                                                                  

Best Wishes, Rick & Chelsea

Rev Sark Elking   We had such a wonderful time and it was a beautiful ceremony,  We had talked with several ministers and knew that you were the right one, from the moment when we first met.  Thanks you for helping to make our ceremony special!     
- Sincerely,  Melisa & Ryan

Sark & Teri    Steven & I cannot say thank you enough for everything you did to make our wedding day wonderful!  

   Teri- We would not of made it through the rehearsal dinner or ceremony without your guidance & organization.  You did an amazing job of getting everyone on the same page and making sure everything went smoothly.  You relieved us of all the stress and worry we had built up and around our ceremony..  And we cannot thank you enough for that!

  Sark- I truly appreciate you talking the time to sit down with me on multiple occassions to guide me in writing our ceremony and vows and answering all of my questions.  You did a wonderful job performing our ceremony and made our day amazing!  You both really made our day so great & memorable.  Your services truly allowed us to enjoy our wedding.  We are glad to have met you both.  Take care and Thank You Again!
-Steven & Tara

Rev Elking,  Thank you so much for being part of our special day.  Your suggestions were key to putting our special day together.                       

- Ron & Debbie

Dear Reverend Elking   Thank you so much for being our wedding officiant and traveling to our house in the middle of nowhere.  The ceremony was amazing and the atmosphere was perfect!  And all my guest thought you were great.   I admit i was a little nervous because we where not able to have a rehearsal, but you where a huge help in making it all come together, and we can’t thank you enough!     Thank you so much for being part of our special day.  
                                                                                     Sincerely Danielle & Greg

Hi Sark,    I just wanted to give you a big thank you for our wedding ceremony on December 29th. It was absolutely beautiful and could not have been more perfect for us! So thank you again!

-Thanks Fran -

Rev. Elking,...
We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for officiating our wedding last week. You did a wonderful job - the words you said during the ceremony were just perfect, and we really appreciate the time, energy, and care that you put in to our special day. We're so glad we found you.

We wish you all the best, and continued success!  
                                                                                  -Greg & Colleen-

Rev. Elking & Ms Teri…
We wanted to thank St Louis Wedding Chapel and you two for making our day a very special one.  Your Chapel was beautiful and the service was great.  It was very memorable.  We were very pleased.  Thank you very much
                                                                                      -Duane and Laurie-

Thank you Sark,  
It was absolutely perfect!! Kayla and Eriek were so happy with you.   I would definitely recommend this chapel and your services, again your chapel and your services were perfect, thank you!!!

this is the best wedding chapel in st louis!!!!
                                                                                        -Dorie Hootselle-

Rev. Elking,...
I was 100% satisfied with your service! We wanted small and simple! We had just that! I forgot my camera and they were wonderful enough to send me some photos! :) Thank you so much!!
                                                                                             -Krystle Mize-

Thanks for the beautiful, last minute ceremony! We appreciated your accommodation of us, and really enjoyed the simplicity.
                                                                                             -Carlisa Martin-

Thank you so much for the pictures. I know our wedding was low key, but you all made it an intimate, memorable ceremony……thank you!                    
                                                                                        -Roger and Judy-

A big thank you for making our wedding day special for us. 

- Whitney Michele Wesley

You guys did such a great job. Thanks for making my sister and new brother's wedding so special.

  • Dena Elzea Cicero

I got married last weekend on July 20, 2013. Rev. Sark Elking is the best! The ceremony was beautiful and very touching. It's a day I will never forget! He truly did an amazing job!   Teri Elking is great! She had so many great ideas and really knew how to make our wedding day extra special. They are a great team! I highly recommend them!

Was very happy with the service and the officiant. Met prior to ceremony so we'd know what to expect. They made it very special for us. Its already decorated and . They have background music. Took pictures afterward. Loved the private room for the bride to get ready.

Teri was awesome. She was genuinely happy for us and said all the right things how we wanted it. It was by far the best little wedding I've ever been to! My next wedding will be here too! (J/K)

Absolutely LOVED Rev. Teri! We couldn't have asked for a better person. She made our children feel included, my family feel welcomed and our ceremony was beautiful. The family blessing was so special. We recieved more than we ever expected. Thank you!

We absolutely loved Rev. Sark Elking! We are not the most religious and he made everything comfortable for everyone and did the selected readings beautifully. I can't imagine anyone other than him marrying us. Thank you so much! Love, Mr & Mrs Nitz

Had my wedding on 12-8-12 at the SLWC and was incredibly impressed. They were great with my entire family, were super nice to us, and made my day memorable. He made us laugh, made our day memorable, and helped us every step of the way. The venue size is small, but was perfect for the wedding type I was having. The bridal room is sweet and has its own entrance. Would recommend to anyone looking to have something personal and memorable to you!

I was married by Rev. Elking on 2/12/14 and I highly recommend him. The ceremony was beautiful, he was very professional, and I cried from beginning to end. He made our day very memorable....thank you!!!

Sark did an amazing job with our ceremony. He was very reassuring and was clear that I should contribute ideas for the ceremony as much or as little as I wanted! I'd recommend him to anyone. Thank you for all you did!

My bride and I were married yesterday 6-6-14 at there location and was very wonderful. Rev. Sark did an awesome job. He was very professional and he even added some personality to the ceremony. By that i mean he engages with the bride and groom during the ceremony. Very beautiful chapel!!! Will even provide a witness if need be. HIGHLY RECOMMEND St. Louis Wedding Chapel!!           Thank You    Theresa and Ralph Stenic

Just wanted to say a great big huge Thank You to Rev Sark Elking!!! my husband and I were married on 1/10/15 and thanks to him it was a beautiful ceremony!! We were very pleased and could not have asked for anything different!! We would highly recommend Rev Sark Elking and the St Louis Wedding Chapel!!!

Got married on Sept. 22 2014. Great service by Sark. Everything was great. Best day of my life. I recommend anyone getting to go there. I love you my beautiful wife Jennifer Clements

Thank you Rev Sark Elking! I'm honored that I had you there with my husband and I! You helped make it one of the best days of my life that was very beautiful!

St Louis Wedding Chapel was the only thing that went right for me the day I got married. Thank you SLWC for being so kind and patient! Im still very happily married.

Rev sark was so fun to work with and put together a beautiful ceremony for us  Very professional and relaxed and worked with us
Thank you so much   We loved it!!


My husband Jesse and I were married on 12/04/13 by Rev. Elking it was a beautiful ceremony I would not have changed anything about it. He was so accomidating and my husband strted crying during the ceremony.

For a wedding officiant for a Small or Large Wedding Ceremony or an Elopement in the greater St Louis Area and parts of Il. call...  314-472-5017  St Louis Wedding Officiants